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  • aikido

    How to choose a martial arts school

    Introduction Most people new to martial arts have a difficult time figuring out how to choose a martial arts school. Some of the unlucky ones, end up getting swayed by some…

  • Karate

    best martial arts for tall guys

    Introduction When your tall, lots of great things happen. You instantly become more attractive to females, you’re able to help out the old lady grab items from the top shelve at…

  • female kicking pad

    Best Taekwondo Kick Pads

    When it comes to Taekwondo training tools, nothing beats Taekwondo kick pads. Kicking pads are lightweight, portable, and very durable. Most well-constructed kicking pads are able to endure the constant kicks…

  • boxing gloves

    best women’s boxing gloves for beginners

    Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Boxing today is not just a combat sport where people bash each other into oblivion on TV. It’s a great…

  • girl and punching bag

    Are standing punching bags good?

    Introduction We all know the importance of supplementing our training with heavy bags. They help us improve our technique when striking, they condition our body and muscles, and heavy bags also…