Best Taekwondo Kick Pads

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When it comes to Taekwondo training tools, nothing beats Taekwondo kick pads.

Kicking pads are lightweight, portable, and very durable.

Most well-constructed kicking pads are able to endure the constant kicks of Taekwondo practitioners for years on end.

These pads make a great substitute for punching bags as it’s not practical to be carrying around a punching bag everywhere you go when competing in tournaments.

Not only can you improve your kicking power, but you can also work on timing, accuracy, speed, and reflexes as well with these pads.

Kicking pads are also safe for children to use due to its soft materials and no sharp edges.

With all of these benefits, you owe it to yourself to pick up a pair of kicking pads.

But trying to choose the right Taekwondo kicking pad can a difficult task if you’re not aware of what to look for in a good martial arts kicking pad.

That’s why I composed this buying guide to help you select the best kicking pad for your needs.

Here are our top picks of Taekwondo kick pads out there on the market.

Our Top Pick: Adidas Taekwondo Double Kick Mitt Target Pad

Adidas has been manufacturing quality martial arts equipment for decades now such as Taekwondo shoes, headgear, chest protectors, and a whole slew of other products.

Due to their popularity and excellent line up of products, they are usually one of the top preferred choices when it comes to purchasing martial arts equipment.

These Adidas Taekwondo double kicking pads are no exception.

They feature an outer layer made out of strong Polyurethane (PU) material and more than enough foam cushioning on the insides to make them quite comfortable to kick on.

The two kicking pads make it extra comfortable to kick on while producing a great clapping sound that people love to hear when kicking.

There’s also an elastic strap at the end of the handle to help prevent the pads from flying away in case someone delivers a hard kick to the pad.

These top notch features along with excellent craftsmanship from Adidas make these our #1 top pick for kicking pads.


  • Strong durable outer PU material
  • Great cushioning
  • Double pads produce great loud clap sounds on impact
  • Elastic wrist straps


  • Pads only sold individually
  • On the more pricer side

Our Runner Up Pick: Elite Sports Taekwondo Kick Pads

These elite sport Taekwondo kick pads have been built to last utilizing durable PU leather for its outer layer to minimize tears and rips while being easy to clean and maintain.

The pads also come with an elastic wrist strap to prevent the pads from falling out of your hands when someone kicks the pads forcefully and the handles have been designed to help provide a firm grip for the holder of the pads.

One of the unique features of these pads compared to others is the patented triple-layer gel integrated elastic compression foam material on the inside that provides excellent shock absorption.

Furthermore, the enhanced stitching on the sides of the pads makes them extra durable and long-lasting, able to take a pounding from kicks.

The pads come in an assortment of different colors and styles to suit your personal tastes.

The pads come in a pair and are a great value as you get 2 for the price of one!

The high-density gel foam cushioning, along with PU leather for easy maintenance and durability, coupled with unbeatable value and craftsmanship make these elite sport martial arts kicking pads our runner up pick.


  • Great durable PU leather outer material
  • Great cushioning with their triple-layer gel padding
  • Elastic wrist strap and strong grip


  • Padding needs to be broken into
  • Slightly pricer however you do get 2 pads for the price of one

Best All-Around Pick: YosooPack Durable Kick Pad Target

These target kicking pads from Yosoopack feature double targets on the pads that produce a great loud clapping sound upon strikes.

The kicking pads have been engineered to feature an ergonomic grip to prevent overuse injuries and make them more comfortable for holding onto and the non-slip elastic wrist strap prevents them from slipping out of your hands.

The unique built-in elastic steel plate makes them extra durable and not easily broken compared to some of the other kicking pads out on the market. The pads are also reinforced with enhanced stitching along the sides of the pads, making them all that more durable. If you need kicking pads that will last a long time then you can’t go wrong with these.

They are also very light-weight and compact, making them easy to transport and carry around, especially for practising and warming up at Taekwondo tournaments.

The outer layer of the pads are waterproof and use non-slip PU leather, along with thick foam cushioning on the insides.

These pads come in pairs as well.

The elastic steel plate on the insides of the pads that provides both durability and flexibility, along with the ergonomic handle, great cushioning and enhanced stitching has earned these YosooPack our best all-around pick.


  • Elastic steel plate provides great elasticity and durability
  • Waterproof and good cushioning
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Size is on the smaller end
  • Need to air out odour before use

Best Value Pick: MUEUSS Taekwondo Kick Pads (Pack of 2)

These beautifully crafted kick pads from Mueuss have got to be one of the best looking kicking pads I have ever seen on the market. The pads feature a golden-colored lion symbol right on the pads with a nice blue color background.

Unlike some of the other kicking pads out there on the market, Mueuss makes their kicking pads larger ( 17.3*7.8*4 inches ) and with more striking surface area to throw your kicks.

There’s a great snap to the pads and the extra thick cushioning means fewer injuries while making them a joy to kick on.

In addition, there’s no unpleasant smell coming from the pads and you won’t need to air them out for days before using them.

The company stands behind their products and come with a 12-month warranty.

How many other companies out there can you find that come with a full 1-year warranty backing their kicking pads?

Now you can buy the kicking pads with peace of mind knowing that in case there’s anything wrong with them, you can get them serviced or replaced.

They come in pairs and are unbelievable value for what you get.

Extra large kicking pads, with no odour and great cushioning at a reasonable price point make these kick pads our best value pick.


  • Great price
  • Great value
  • Come in pairs
  • No odour
  • Large surface area
  • 12-month warranty


  • May be too big for kids to use

Best Durable Pick: Mooto Single Kick Target Pad

These single kicking target pads from Mooto, a well known Taekwondo equipment manufacturer blows the competition out of the water with their extra thick kick target pads that have nearly double the amount of thickness and cushioning compared to other leading brands out on the market.

The Mooto single kick target features an outer layer made out of polyurethane for extra added durability, along with great stitching work to reinforce the pad along the edges.

There’s a non-slip urethane coating on the handle to provide you with an extra firm grip when holding the kicking pads. In addition, an elastic strap for the wrist has been added to prevent the pads from falling out of your hands.

These kicking pads definitely don’t feel cheap and you can tell by the craftsmanship that a lot of care and love was shown in the manufacturing process.

The extra double layer of foam cushioning along with reinforced stitching seams on the sides of these kicking pads makes them extra durable for long term use and has earned it our best durable pick.


  • Extra thick padding
  • Non-slip polyurethane coating on handles
  • Great craftsmanship


  • A little pricey compared to other brands

Best Budget Pick: Overmont Double Kicking Target (1 Pair)

These Taekwondo kick pads from Overmont are made out of durable PU leather on the outside with elastic compression sponge on the insides to produce some tough kicking pads that will last you quite a while.

The pads are neither too big nor too small and thus are suitable for use by all ages.

There’s also a durable wrist band to prevent the pads from slipping out of your hands during practice.

The double targets on each pad produce great loud snapping sounds upon impact similar to what you would find on other more expensive kick pads.

The pads come in pairs and only cost a fraction of what other brands would charge and therefore are a steal!

These budget kicking pads are a great pair of pads that you can scoop up for a much more modest price compared to other brands while delivering similar performance.


  • Great price
  • Comes in pairs
  • Durable material


  • May need to be broken into
  • Attention to detail could be better, especially with the seams

Best Starter Pick: Tiger Claw Clap Kicker Target

These Tiger Claw clap kicker targets from Tiger Claw, a well known martial arts equipment manufacturer are a great starter kick pad for any Taekwondo practitioner to utilize in their training.

These kicking pads feature a unique clamshell design that hides an internal plastic clapper that is housed between the two kicking pads.

Compared to other traditional kicking pads, these kicking pads are able to produce a much louder snap sound due to the internal plastic clapper.

This only further motivates students to focus more and to strike harder at the targets.

The target has a very large striking surface as well and there’s more than enough foam cushioning on the insides to absorb strikes.

The construction of these pads is also solid.

Furthermore, the kicking pad comes with a heavy-duty elastic wrist lanyard to help prevent the pads from slipping out of your hands when someone strikes at it.

If you’re looking for a decent kicking pad to start your Taekwondo journey that won’t break the bank, while offering adequate build quality and a unique clamshell design, then I would recommend these kicking pads to start off with.


  • Great price
  • Decent construction
  • Unique clapper design


  • The clapper can be a little loud
  • Might be a little big for some children to use

Who Should Buy Taekwondo Kicking Pads

If you intend on doing any Taekwondo training either at a Dojang or outside of classes, then owning at least one Taekwondo kicking pad is absolutely essential.

The kicking pads allow you to practice your technique, timing, reflexes, speed, power, and coordination safely without worrying about kicking or hurting anyone.

The kicking pads are lightweight and portable, meaning you can bring them along with you anywhere you go, including tournaments to help you warm up before a match.

Unlike punching heavy bags, the risk of injury sustained when hitting the targets will be minimal and much less severe.

Furthermore, to be able to practice some competition Taekwondo techniques such as throwing consecutive roundhouse kicks while moving forward or backwards will require the use of kicking pads as a heavy bag is stationary.

Now the use of Taekwondo kicking pads is not just limited to Taekwondo practitioners.

Students from other martial arts disciplines can also benefit from the use of kicking pads especially those that utilize striking such as in Karate or Kung Fu.

A kicking pad is also a very inexpensive way for you to supplement your training and does not take up a whole lot of space.

Therefore, anyone studying martial arts could benefit from the use of kicking pads.

Important Features to Consider


In the past, we only had a handful of martial arts equipment manufacturers such as Adidas or Mooto who produced great quality martial arts equipment for the masses and developed a trustworthy reputation in the martial arts community.

However, in recent years, the market has become flooded with a lot of cheap knock off products of poor quality. This has lead to confusion as to what martial arts equipment to purchase.

When making your purchase, it’s important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer and not just opt for the cheapest option as those usually aren’t quite as durable as some of the more well-established brands out there.


Just as important as who produces your kicking pads, it’s also important to consider what type of material your pads are made out of.

Most typical kicking pads out there on the market are usually made out of PU leather for the outer layer of the pads. This material is durable, easy to take care of, and helps keep costs down.

The insides of the pads are usually made out of foam. Some manufacturers may use high-density foam with multiple layers or even incorporate gel into the pads.

A thicker pad will mean fewer chances of injury, more durability, as well as being more comfortable to kick on.

Lastly, you got the elastic wrist strap on kicking pads. Nearly all manufacturers will incorporate a wrist strap into their kicking pads to help prevent the pads from slipping out of your hands when someone kicks the pads.

Craftsmanship and Durability

When it comes to kicking pads, you want to purchase pads that will be durable and long-lasting as you will be putting these pads through a lot of abuse with regular kicking and striking.

When selecting kicking pads, examine the craftsmanship of the pads. Do the seams look like they are well stitched and reinforced?

In a lot of cheap kicking pads, the seams start to fall apart after a few uses.

How solid and thick does the foam on the pads feel?

The thicker the foam is, the longer it will last and not wear out.

What about the handlebars on the pads?

Do they also feel solid like they will last a good while through use?

In a lot of poorly constructed kicking pads, overtime the pads and handle will separate and you end up with a flappy looking kicking pad that is practically unusable as the pads won’t stay still for you to kick on.

Warranty and Exchange Policies

Some kicking pads do come with a full warranty in case you have any issues with the pad while some other companies may offer an exchange in case you receive a defective product.

It’s important to find a good reputable manufacturer that will assist you in case the products fails to deliver what it promised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kicking Pads Loud?

They can be, depending on which ones you purchase. Typically double kicking pads are louder compared to singles.

Furthermore, some kicking pads add in a plastic clapper to the pads to make them even louder to motivate people to kick the pads harder.

Some people prefer loud pads while others may want quieter ones.

Can I Use Just One?


In fact, a lot of students may find that one is sufficient for their needs depending on what they are using them for.

With that being said, however, if you do intend on competing in tournaments or want to perform combos when practising your kicks, it may be a wise choice to pick up a pair rather than a single pad, as this will allow you to perform a variety of different kick combos such as double or triple roundhouse kicks that you wouldn’t have been able to do with just one kicking pad.

Are They Safe for Children to Use?

Kicking pads are very safe for children to use.

There are no sharp edges and the material and cushioning is very soft.

There are even kid-sized kicking pads that are exclusively used by children.

Can I Use It for Other Martial Arts?

Kicking pads can be used for any martial art that involves striking such as Karate, Muay Thai, or Boxing. The large striking surface and soft cushion make them ideal to be used for any striking martial art style.

What Type of Kicking Pad Should I Get?

When shopping for kicking pad targets, I would recommend the following:

  • Good high-density foam cushioning to avoid injuries. You may even opt for gel-infused foam cushioning as well.
  • Look for kicking pads with a PU leather outer layer as these are durable, don’t cost a lot, and are easy to care for.
  • Has an elastic wrist strap. This will come in handy to prevent the pads from slipping out of your hands when someone strikes at the pads.
  • Good craftsmanship, especially with the seams on the kicking pads, as these are one of the quickest areas to wear out.
  • Look for kicking pads with two targets instead of one if you enjoy listening to the loud sound of strikes or a single target if you want a quieter target to strike at.


One of the trademark training gears of Taekwondo practitioners are kicking pads, however, these pads aren’t just limited to people that study Taekwondo.

Any martial artist can benefit through the use of kicking pads as they will help improve your power, coordination, reflexes, speed, and technique in a safe manner.

Kicking pads represent a cheap and portable way of bringing your workouts with you anywhere you go.

When looking to purchase a kicking pad its important to look for one with good durability, a decent amount of foam cushioning, and a large enough striking area.

If you’re in the market for a new kicking pad then I hope this guide has been of some assistance in helping you decide what to look for in a kicking pad.

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