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  • boxing match

    best martial art for fitness

    Introduction If you’ve landed on here, then you’ve no doubt heard about all of the great benefits that learning martial arts can bring into your life, such as increased self confidence,…

  • krav maga

    best martial arts for street fighting

    Introduction Fiction and reality are too different things. While it may look awesome seeing one Karate or Kung Fu guy taking on half a dozen dudes with his bare hands and…

  • kids in a taekwondo class kicking a pad

    Best Martial arts for kids

    Introduction We all know that martial arts help instill discipline and confidence, while also promoting exercise and good health. This has prompted many parents to consider enrolling their child in a…

  • muay thai kick to the face

    best martial arts for small guys

    Introduction In case you didn’t win the genetic lottery and ended up being a small guy (thanks dad and mom) trying to pick out a martial arts that is suitable for…