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Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that was popularized by the late Bruce Lee and is well known for its quick reflexes and fast strikes that often times leave their opponents without much of an opportunity to even react before they have been beaten to a pulp.

One of the classic and most famous training tools that often accompany Wing Chun training is the wooden dummy also known as Muk Yan Jong/Mook Jong in Cantonese.

This tall and heavy wooden structure typically has three arms that stick out, two at the top, one in the middle, and a wooden leg at the bottom that allows students to practice their kicks.

The dummy is typically housed inside of a wooden frame that is either freestanding or gets mounted to a wall, but modern versions nowadays can even be freestanding without the use of a wooden frame to save space.

This allows the dummy to be stable while you unleash a barrage of strikes on it to work on your reflexes, forms, and is an invaluable training tool for the Wing Chun student to have at their disposal.

In this best Wing Chun dummy buying guide, we’ll look at some of the best wooden dummies out there on the market to help you select the right one for your training and budget needs.

Our Top Pick: AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy 

Wing Chun dummy buying guide: AugustaPro iron body wing chun dummy

AugustaPro is one of the largest leading manufacturers of Wing Chun dummies on the planet and has been producing high-quality wooden dummies for a while now.

The AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun dummy is a highly rated wooden dummy that stands at a modest height of 65″ with 6 1/2″ in diameter. The arms of the dummy extend outwards to about 12.6″ from the body and can also be adjusted to either stagger or be leveled.

The base of the dummy is made out of a heavy-duty durable metal base that also has 12 suction cups to provide added stability to the wooden dummy. You may also want to add a little extra weight to the base of the unit as well for extra stability.

Due to its compact design, the wooden dummy can pretty much be placed anywhere without taking up a lot of room.

Furthermore, due to the manufacturer using iron for the body rather than wood, you get a much lighter Wing Chun dummy that can be easily moved around, unlike a heavy wooden dummy that weighs upwards of 100 lbs.

The company also throws in a pair of complimentary striking pads as well.

Furthermore, AugustaPro backs their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means in case anything breaks or you’re dissatisfied with your order, they are here to make things right. Now you can order with peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their products.

If your looking for a Wing Chung wooden dummy at an affordable price with good quality and decent warrenty, then you won’t find a better deal than the AugustaPro Wing Chun dummy.


  • Great value and price
  • Good warranty
  • Comes with 2 free striking pads


  • Makes a bit of noise when striking
  • Needs to be weighted down to provide more stability

Our Runner-Up Pick: Wing Chun Wooden Muk Yan Jong Real Hardwood Mu ren Zhuang 65″

Runner-up Wing Chun dummy pick

This is a great quality Wing Chun wooden dummy that uses a high-quality wood finish to produce a solid Muk Yan Jong.

The Wing Chun wooden dummy stands at a respectable 65″ height and is 6 1/2″ in diameter. The arms of the dummy extend to about 12.6″ from the body, giving you good reach with the arms unlike some other wooden dummies out there on the market that use shorter arms.

In addition, the arms can be adjusted to either be parallel with each other or staggered.

Now in case you are new to training with a wooden dummy and are worried about bruising or soreness due to not having developed strong muscles and bones to deal with hitting the solid heavy arms of the dummy, don’t be alarmed because the company is nice enough to include padding for the arms and even a striking bag as well, free of charge!

The heavy wooden dummy is supported by a base made out of metal that has 12 large suction cups that help keep it nice and steady when in use.

The whole dummy weighs just 105 pounds and is much lighter compared to some of the more traditional Wing Chun dummies out there, which takes up a lot more room as well.

Due to it’s reasonable price point, high-quality finish, good construction, and free accessories, this Wing Chun wooden dummy has earned our runner-up pick.


  • Compact design and takes up less space
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable arms
  • Comes with free padding and hanging punching bag


  • Needs to be weighted down to prevent it from collapsing over

Best Recoil Pick: Warrior Martial Art Supply Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand

Best wing chun dummy buying guide: Warrior martial art supply wing chun dummy

The Warrior Martial Art Supply Wing Chun dummy with recoil reaction stand is one of the most customizable Wing Chun dummies I have seen on the market.

When ordering the wooden dummy, customers are given a choice of selecting from six different colors for their dummy.

The wall stand of the dummy has 4 adjustable brackets that can be used to match a user’s height and the dummy can also be used with multiple stands as well.

Not only is the unit customizable to your liking, but the manufacturer uses high-quality parts for all of their wooden dummies. Having a quick glance over the wooden dummy and you can tell that great attention to detail has been put towards the creation of the dummy.

The company uses tough furniture-grade hardwood on their 9 board laminating process on all of their trunks to keep them nice and sturdy.

But one of the biggest selling points of this wooden dummy is the unique recoil action of the wooden dummy.

The two tension bands of the swivel base attach to the stand and help create equal and opposite tensions.

This helps keep the dummy always on the centerline even when you strike at it.

When you push the dummy in one direction, you can expect there to be tension that causes the dummy to push back in the opposite direction with pressure.

And when you finally release the dummy, it will return back to its original position.

There’s even a lock in place that only allows the dummy to rotate a little bit in case you don’t want the dummy to be moving around a lot.

The unit can be mounted to your wall with the supplied accessories for added stability as well.

While the standard PVC dummy unit stands at 60″ and can easily accommodate those with an average height of 5″10″, people that are shorter or taller can get a custom height adjusted unit to accommodate their height.

With the wooden dummy, you have a choice of selecting either black or natural wood for the color of the arms and legs of the dummy.

The arms and legs are made from high-quality hardwood ash.

Due to the great craftsmanship of the unit, you probably won’t have too many issues with it, but in the unlikely event that you do, just know that that manufacturer stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty against any major defects such as cracking or splitting in the trunk of the dummy.

Now you can feel safe when wailing away at your Wing Chun dummy without worrying about breaking anything on it.

All of their products are made directly in the USA and not in some sweatshop in a poor underdeveloped country.

This made to order Wing Chun wooden dummy is great value and offers a tonne of customization options for everyone. Forget about buying some generic Wing Chun dummy that may or may not suit your needs and spend that money instead on one that has been specifically designed for your needs instead. This wooden dummy has earned our spot for best recoil wooden dummy due to the high customization options available and value for money.


  • high-quality material used
  • Can lock it to prevent rotation
  • Highly customizable
  • Lifetime warranty on the trunk of the dummy


  • A little pricier than other wooden dummies
  • Longer shipping times due to custom orders

Best Wall Mounted Pick: Warrior Martial Art Supply Wing Chun Dummy with Wall Mounted Stand

Best wing chun dummy buying guide: Warrior martial art supply wing chun dummy with wall mounted stand

This is another great high-quality wooden dummy from Warrior Martial Art Supply. The Warrior Martial Art Supply Wing Chun Dummy with wall mounted stand is a furniture grade high-quality wooden dummy made from hardwood that uses their patent-pending 9 board laminating process for their trunks for extra added durability.

The wooden dummy comes in six different signature colors and the wall stand has 4 height adjustable brackets as well to accommodate different heights.

Due to the unit being mounted onto the wall, you can expect great stability while hitting the wooden dummy, compared to the free-standing wooden dummies that tend to want to tip over on hard strikes.

All of the dummies can also be used with multiple stands as well.

Like all of their other Wing Chun dummies, Warrior Martial Art Supply provides a lifetime warranty on the dummy trunks against any major cracking or splitting.

Now you can buy with confidence knowing that should any issues arise, the company is here to help.

To ensure good quality, the wooden dummy is also handcrafted right here over in the USA.

The Warrior Martial Art Supply wall mounted Wing Chun wooden dummy has earned our top wall mounted Wing Chun dummy pick due to it’s excellent craftsmanship, high customization, and excellent warranty.


  • Great quality
  • Excellent Warranty
  • High customization
  • Good stability


  • A little pricey
  • Takes up more space

Best Adjustable Pick: Flex HQ Adjustable Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong IP Man Training Target

Best wing chun dummy buying guide: Flex HQ adjustable Wing Chun dummy

The Flex HQ adjustable Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong Ip Man training target is an adjustable freestanding Wing Chun dummy made out of a sturdy solid wood build with long-lasting durability.

The arms are 22″ in length and can be adjusted to be either leveled or staggered.

The base of the unit is made out of metal and features suction cups to keep the unit in place when in use.

The wooden dummy comes with extra padding and 2 striking pads that provide your limbs with extra added protection which is great for beginners that have not developed the arm strength yet to withstand hitting the tough exterior of the wooden dummy.

The unit can easily be setup within minutes and comes with all necessary equipment to set it up unlike some of the other wall-mounted Wing Chun dummies that require mounting and screwing in extra parts.

In addition, the manufacturer includes a Wing Chun training video as well. This can be helpful for beginners that are just starting their Wing Chun training and need some instruction on how to best use the wooden dummy.

The unit is somewhat lightweight and weighs just 100lbs. It’s not the lightest wooden dummy out there on the market but it isn’t the heaviest either.

Lastly, the company backs their product with a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning that if you aren’t happy with your purchase then you can simply return it for a full refund.

If you want a solid durable freestanding Wing Chun dummy that has height adjustable arms that will last the test of time, then look no further than the Flex HQ adjustable Wing Chun dummy.


  • Good price
  • Uses solid wood to provide long-lasting use
  • Comes with a free training guide
  • Very compact and takes up less space
  • Easy to setup


  • Not as stable as some of the other wall-mounted units

Best Half Size Wooden Dummy: Dummymaker Wall Mounted Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Dummymarker wall mounted Muk Yan Jong

If you don’t have the space in your house or you’re worried about excess noise caused by the big bulkier Wing Chun dummies than a small compact half sized wall mounted Wing Chun dummy is the answer to your problems.

The Dummymaker wall mounted Wing Chun wooden dummy is made out of high-quality hardwood and comes in a walnut color.

The half-sized Wing Chun dummy can be easily hung or mounted onto a wall and assembly is a breeze.

The arms produce a bit of movement either up/down or side to side to give it a more realistic feeling of using a full-sized wooden dummy.

The finish on the product is very nice and the unit is very well put together.

If you’re looking for a high quality wooden dummy but don’t have the space nor want to make a lot of noise then the Dummymaker wall mounted Wing Chun wooden dummy is the perfect solution.


  • Cost a lot less than a full-sized wooden dummy
  • Takes up less space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not as noisy as the bigger wooden dummies


  • No legs to strike on

Best Compact: AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy – Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy

AugustaPro half sized wooden dummy

This is another half-sized wooden dummy manufactured by AugustaPro, one of the leading manufacturers of Wing Chun dummies.

The AugustaPro Wing Chun dummy is a nice and compact half-sized Wing Chung dummy made out of a metal trunk and hardwood arms.

The half-size wooden dummy has a max height of 21″ and is 6″ in diameter.

The arms can be extended to about 12.6″ from the body and are staggered.

To keep prices down, the manufacturer has opted for a hollow metal body instead of using solid wood, however, this doesn’t take anything away from its functionality, and you will be hard-pressed to find another wooden dummy at this price point.

If you need a nice compact Wing Chun dummy but don’t have any space left or if you’re just starting out in Wing Chun but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a real Wing Chun dummy than this is a great alternative to get your feet wet.

The AugustPro half-size Wing Chun wooden dummy is a very affordable alternative for those of you looking for a nice compact wooden dummy to practice at home without worrying about taking up too much space.

  • Good price
  • Very compact
  • Easy to mount
  • Frame is made out of metal instead of wood
  • Makes a bit of noise due to the hollow metal body

Who Should Buy a Wing Chun Dummy

A Wing Chun dummy is synonymous with Wing Chun and makes up a huge part of the teaching curriculum.

And anybody that has ever taken Wing Chun can attest to the effectiveness of using a Wing Chun dummy, especially if you are practicing alone.

The use of a Wing Chun dummy helps you develop stronger forearms through conditioning the bones and muscles and allowing them to harden over time through training.

Through repeated trauma, the bones in your hands get tougher and stronger so that they are able to withstand the constant hitting and striking at the Wing Chun dummy, a process known as ossification, whereby new bone is laid down and it toughens up your existing bone structures.

A similar process can be observed in Karate practitioners that strike with their fists at a Makiwara board to strengthen their knuckles.

Furthermore, using a Wing Chun dummy allows you to practice and train for coordination, power, footwork, positioning speed, accuracy, range, timing, positioning, as well as dexterity.

As the dummy is in a fixed position, this makes it easier to perfect these skills through repeated drills and practice.

Eventually, you will be able to perform a lot of these moves instinctively and just react rather than having to think about how to apply them in a real-life situation.

And unlike training with a real partner, you never have to worry about injuring anyone or your partner tiring out.

Important Things to Consider


A lot of people often neglect to think about how much space they have in their homes or studios to house a wooden dummy.

If you are tight on space, you may consider getting either a freestanding wooden dummy or a half-sized wall-mounted one that can easily be mounted onto the wall to conserve space. These dummies often time take up little to no room at all compared to the wooden dummies that are housed on a frame.

However, the freestanding dummies tend to be less stable compared to one mounted onto a frame.

Now if on the other hand, space is of no issue to you then perhaps a wooden dummy mounted onto a frame would be a better choice as these tend to be much more stable compared to a freestanding one.

Furthermore, a lot of half-sized wooden dummies do not have the leg portion for you to strike on which is present on a full-sized dummy. This is just something to consider as well.


What is your budget like?

Since wooden dummies will go through a lot of abuse, it may be a better option to spend a little more money for that added peace of mind.

Some wooden dummies are cheap for a reason and tend to break or split soon after using them, whereas the more expensive ones tend to hold up quite well over time, oftentimes lasting for decades.

If you cannot afford a frame-mounted dummy, a cheaper alternative would be either a freestanding dummy or a half-sized dummy that can be mounted onto the wall.

It’s better to go with these options rather than some cheaply made garbage.


Another key consideration is noise.

Most wooden dummies tend to make noise when being struck. This is a given, however, not all dummies produce the same level of noise.

In more cheaply made wooden dummies that don’t use hardwood and instead opt for a hollow center, it oftentimes produces much more noise compared to a solid trunk made out of hardwood.

Now on the plus side of this though is that those models tend to cost a bit less as well.

If you intend on using the Wing Chun dummy inside of your house, you may want to opt for one that is a little less noisy and is made out of hardwood.


Another big consideration should be the quality and craftsmanship of the wooden dummy.

Often times, manufacturers cut corners to increase profits or to slash prices.

The result of this is a poorly made wooden dummy that soon splits or cracks after use or may not even be usable upon receipt from the store.

Hardwood tends to be the most sturdy out of the bunch and holds up quite well over time, often lasting years on end.

Softwood, on the other hand, is not nearly as durable but is cheaper.

Furthermore, manufacturers produce two varieties of wooden dummies:

  • Solid wood
  • Laminate

Solid wood is the better option but also can cost a bit more compared to laminate. Laminate wood is comprised of bits and pieces of wood that have been combined together to produce a large piece of wood.

In addition to wood being used, some manufacturers substitute the wood with either metal or PVC.

These tend to be much cheaper compared to solid wood but are not as stable, and tend to produce a lot more noise, especially metal.

If you are considering purchasing a Wing Chun dummy than it may be better to spend a little more money on quality than to cheap out and end up with a dud.


Depending on the manufacturer, some manufacturers provide warranties.

Some of these warranties may include a lifetime limited warranty on everything including the arms, legs, and trunk, while others might only cover the trunk of the dummy.

It’s important to consider whether or not your wooden dummy comes with some sort of warranty before making the purchase in case problems arise later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Wooden Dummy Should I Get?

If you have space, then a frame-mounted wooden dummy would be ideal as these tend to be the most stable out of the bunch and you won’t have to worry about it potentially toppling over when practicing on them.

With frame-mounted wooden dummies, you have the choice of either a freestanding frame or one that is mounted to the wall.

If on the other hand though, you lack space then a freestanding one or a half-sized wooden dummy can also work.

There is also a recoil version of the freestanding dummy as well that you may want to consider to give a more realistic feel to training.

One thing to keep in mind with the freestanding dummies though is that you will need to weigh it down to prevent it from falling over.

What Type of Wood Should I get or Is it Even Necessary?

This will depend on your budget, however, it is highly recommended to get a wooden dummy made out of hardwood as these tend to be the most durable out of the bunch.

Furthermore, solid wood should be used if possible to maintain the integrity of the dummy.

Now if you can’t afford the higher prices associated with hardwood then another alternative is either softwood, laminate, and metal.

Just know that you compromise durability and noise with a reduced price.

What Size Should I Get?

Ideally you want to get one that is around your height for better ergonomics.

There’s nothing worse than having to bend down to practice on a wooden dummy for hours on end.

This leads to poor posture and even muscle strain overtime.

Some manufacturers out there actually offer customized Wing Chun dummies built to order based on your height.

These may cost a little more but will make a huge difference when it comes to training.

Another thing you may also want to consider is whether or not you intend on moving the dummy around a lot. As the heavier dummy will be tougher to move around, but will be more stable.


Wing Chun dummies remain a vital part of training in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

They help a practitioner develop speed, power, precision, coordination, balance, footwork, and a whole lot more.

Therefore if you intend on becoming proficient in Wing Chun, it’s importance to get regular practice in with a wooden dummy.

In this Wing Chun dummy buying guide, we looked at several of the best makes and models out there on the market.

We also discussed several important factors to consider when deciding on a wooden dummy.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what to look for when purchasing a wooden Wing Chun dummy.

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